Our Story


We are The Sisters, Elizabeth (right) Debrina (left), and founders of C2g. We have always been connected from the Cradle to the Grave. We were born 4 years apart, graduated 4 years apart, married 4 years apart, and each have 2 children.

Elizabeth: “I was the person who knew her from the moment she entered this Earth. We have always had an amazing bond with each other and will until one of us sees the other to the grave.”

In ’89 Elizabeth married, moved away, and started a family. Though miles lie between us, and we almost never saw each other, our bond as sisters endured. If anything, life’s troubles and tribulations have helped grow and strengthen our sisterhood. We are both plus-size. In our travels through life we have never had the opportunity to wear the fashions we so desired. Our kids have moved on into their own adulthood, and together with our husbands we have become empty nesters. Better yet we have moved closer to each other and now have the ability to create the fashions we want!

Debrina: “I always have my head in the clouds as a dreamer, and she is the go getter. She is literally taking my ideas and turning them into a reality through C2g.

Pulling from our life experiences, C2g is dedicated to help plus-size women find T-shirts that fit their size. Most plus-size women’s T’s are really frumpy or contain crude and obscene language about being fat. We want to inspire women through our whimsical and creative T’s.  We don’t want to put a label on any woman. You are who God made you to be. Enjoy life and buy a C2g T-shirt!

From the Cradle to the Grave
Every Memory in our Hearts to Save
Love was there from the Very Start
And will Always Remain no Matter how far We’re Apart
So when You Feel Alone or Down
Never Never give in to the Frown
Just Smile and Give a Little Wave
And Remember…….
From the Cradle to the Grave
                                                     Love Debrina